Mahatma Gandhi to feature in British coins

The first-ever non-white person to feature on the British currency

Mahatma Gandhi, the architect of the Indian freedom struggle and the Father of the Nation, is set to become the first-ever non-white person to feature on the British currency.

The Royal Mint advisory has reportedly been working to mint a coin to commemorate the leader and hero of India's freedom movement against the very same British Empire.

The decision was taken amid growing interest of the British public and its government to recognize the contributions of people from Asian, Black, and other minority ethnic communities the whole society.

Rishi Sunak, the British Finance Minister, who has an Indian root in himself, has extended his support to the campaign for ethnic-minority figures to be featured on British coins.

The minister asked the Royal Mint Advisory Committee to pursue recognition of individuals from minority communities.

Mahatma Gandhi has been one of the most important and praised figures in modern history for his non-violence based beliefs and ideologies. His Ahimsa movement against the cruel norms of the British empire, which ultimately led to the freedom of India, is a textbook example of how peace can always win over violence and brutality.