Indian Union and its Territories

Quiz on Preamble of our Constitution .This will help in strengthening General knowledge of Students for various Competitive examinations .

1. Articles of the Constitution which deals with the Union and it's territory -

Article 14-18
Article 10-14
Article 10 - 6
Article 1- 4

2. The names of the states and Union Territories are mentioned in which schedule of the Constitution? 

1st Schedule
2nd Schedule
3rd Schedule
4th Schedule

3. Choose the correct statement among the following :

Article 1 descrbes India , that is Bharat as a 'Union of States ' rather than a 'Federation of states
Article 2 grants power to the Parliament to establish new states. 
Article 3 relates to the formation of or changes in the existing states of India
All of the Above.

4. Article 3 authorizes the Parliament to :

Form a new state by separation of territory from any state 
Increase or diminish the area of any state. 
Alter the boundary name of any state
All the above are correct

5. Choose the Correct statement/s from the following:

I) The Parliament can redraw the Political map of India. 
II) India is described as 'An Indestructible Union of Destructible states'. 
III) Laws made for establishment of new states or alteration of existing states cannot be passed by simple majority. 
IV) In India, Union cannot form new states or alter the borders without the consent of the states concerned. 
Both II and IV are correct
Both I and II are correct
Both III and IV are correct
Both II are III are correct.

6. Which Princely states refused to join India after Independence? 

Mysore, Hyderabad, Kashmir 
Bhopal, Kashmir, Punjab 
Hyderabad, Junagarh, Kashmir
None of the above 

7. Which was the first Linguistic State created in 1953 in India? 

Tamil Nadu state
West Bengal state
Maharashtra state
Andhra state

8. Which committee accepted the language as the basis of Reorganization of states in India after Independence? 

S. K Dhar Committee
JVP Committee
Fazl Ali Committee
all of these

9. Which state came into existence as the 29th state of the Indian Union? 


10. Choose the correct option -

I) To form a new state, the opinion of State Legislature is not binding on the President
II) To form a new state, the opinion of State Legislature is binding on the President. 
III) To form a new state, the bill needs to pass by the Parliament by simple majority. 
IV) To form  a new state, the bill needs to pass by the Parliament by special majority. 
I and III  are correct. 
I and IV are correct
II and IV are correct
II and III are correct

11. Indian model Of "Federation with a Strong Centre "follows:

USA federation 
British Federation
Canada Federation
Irish Federation

12. When Mysore state renamed as Karnataka? 


13. By which constitutional amendment Act (CAA) Sikkim was declared as Full State Of India ? 

35th CAA, 1974
36th CAA, 1975
38th CAA, 1975
39th CAA, 1975

14. India received Dadra and Nagar  Haveli from which foreign Country? 


15. Choose the correct statement regarding Land Boundary Agreement between India and Bangladesh.

I) India transferred 111 enclaves to Bangladesh while Bangladesh transferred 51 enclaves to India. 
II) 100th C act (2015) was enacted for this purpose. 
III) It modified the provisions related to 4 states  i.e. Assam, West Bengal, Meghalaya &  Tripura . 
IV) The Prime Ministers of India and Bangladesh signed the Land Boundary Agreement in 1974 to exchange enclaves and simplify Land Borders. 
Only I is and IV are correct 
Only II and III are correct 
Both I and II are correct 
All the above statements are Correct.