Preamble of our Constitution

Quiz on Preamble of our Constitution .This will help in strengthening General knowledge of students for various Competitive examinations .

1. 1.Choose the correct option .

(a)Preamble is justiciable in nature and it's provisions are enforceable in courts of Law. 
(b) The Preamble has been amended only once so far in 1976.
(c) The words Socialist, Secular and Integrity were added to the Preamble afterwards. 
(d) All the options are correct. 
Both (a) and (b) 
Both (a) and (c) 
Both (b) and (c) 
Only (d)

2. What does the word 'Sovereign' means in the Preamble? 

It means nationalism of all means and and distribution and abolition of Private property. 
Equal treatment of all citizens without any distinction based on caste, color, race ,sex etc. 
It means India is an Independent state & free to conduct its own affairs. 
None of the above.

3. The word 'Fraternity ' in our Preamble means ------

Absence of special privileges to any section of the society. 
Sense of Brotherhood. 
Equal rights and equal access to all political offices and voice in the Government. 
All religions in  our country have same status.

4. ________________ means absence of restraints on the activities of individuals and providing opportunities for development of Individual personalities. 


5. The ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity  in our Preamble has been taken from________________________

American Constitution 
British Constitution
Russian Revolution
French Revolution

6. Which date has been written in the Preamble of Indian Constitution? 

15th August, 1947
26th January, 1950
30th January, 1950
26th November, 1949

7. Distributive Justice is the Combination of ----------------

Social Justice and Economic Justice 
Social Justice and Political Justice 
Economic Justice and Political Justice 

8. Indian Constitution provides for Which type of Democracy? 

Direct Democracy
Indirect Democracy
Both of them 
None of them. 

9. Who told "Preamble is the soul of our Constitution, which lays down pattern of our Political Society'. 

Dr. B. R Ambedkar 
K M Munshi 
M Hidayatullah 
Sir Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer. 

10. Which country Inspired India to have a Preamble in the Constitution 


11. Which term in the Preamble is the part of the Structure Doctrine ? 

All of the above

12. "Preamble is the part of the Constitution of India "This statement -

Is true according to The Berubari Union Case 
Is true according to the Kesavananda Bharti Case 
Is true only after the 42nd Amendment Act 
This statement is false. 

13. Which Constitutional Amendment Act(CAA) amended the Preamble for the second time? 

42nd CAA, 1976
44th CAA, 1976
99th CAA, 2014

14. Preamble did not have which word in the Indian Constitution Originally? 


15. Which of the following is true about the Preamble? 

Non- Justiciable
Both of the above 
None of the above