The President

1. Which Part of the Constitution deals with Union executive?

Part V
Part VI
Part VII

2. Which of the following is not a part of the Union executive?

Attorney General
Vice President
All of the above

3. Which of the following is not true regarding the election of the President?

It requires all members both the houses of Parliament
elected members of legislative assemblies of states
elected members of legislative assemblies of UTs of Delhi and Puducherry
All of the above

4. Why do we not have direct elections for election of President?

He is a symbolic head
It will be an expensive affair
This system makes President a representative of the Union and the states equally
All of the above

5. Which of this is not true about the Qualifications for Elections as President?

Citizen of India
Completed 30 years of age
not hold any office of profit
All of the above

6. The President administers his oath to?

Vice President
Chief Justice of India
Prime Minister
None of the above

7. Which Article talks about the Impeachment of President?

Article 61
Article 72
Article 67
Article 74

8. Which of the following is untrue about the Impeachment of the President?

Impeachment can be initiated by either house of Parliament
A 15-day notice should be given
It is a Quasi-judicial movement
All the above

9. Under which Article does President execute his action on the bills presented to her for his assent?

Article 129
Article 113
Article 111
Article 71

10. Which Constitutional Amendment Act made it obligatory of the President to give assent to a constitutional amendment bill?

The 34th Amendment Act
The 50th Amendment Act
The 24th Amendment Act
The 42nd Amendment Act