The Prime Minister

1. Which article says that only the Prime Minister shall be appointed by the President?

Article 71
Article 72
Article 75
Article 78

2. What is the term of the Prime Minister?

5 years
no fixed term
6 years
None of the above

3. What does Article 78 comprise of?

to communicate to the President all decisions of the Council of Ministers
to furnish such information relating to the administration of affairs of the Union and proposals for legislation as the President may call for
if the President calls for, to submit for the consideration of the council of ministers any matter on which a decision has been taken by ministers but which has not been considered by the council
All of the above

4. The Council of Ministers with Prime Minister at head to aid and advice the President is mentioned under which Article?

Article 71
Article 72
Article 73
Article 74

5. Who called the Prime Minister 'Primus inter pares"?

Herbert Marrison
Lord Morley

6. Who becomes the Prime Minister when no party has clear majority in Lok Sabha?

President acts according to the exiting government
President acts according to the advice of the Chief Justice
President exercises his personal discretion
The Speaker conducts voting in the Parliament

7. If no party has a clear majority, and the President appoints the leader of the majority party or coalition party , and the new PM has to seek vote of confidence within what time?

one week
six months
six weeks
one month

8. The Prime Minister administers his oath of secrecy to the?

Former Prime Minister
Chief Justice of India

9. Who among the following is the de jure executive?

Prime Minister
Chief Justice
Vice President

10. The discretion of the President to select the Prime Minister in absence of clear majority was first exercised in which year?