Latest Reports and Indices for November 2020

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Latest Reports and Indices for November 2020

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices - 30th  November 2020

The State of Tax Justice 2020 Report

 -By, Dr. Rituparna Dubey

Tax Justice Network has released a first-of-its-kind annual report titled State of Tax Justice 2020. This report gives an estimate of the loss of tax by the countries due to international corporate tax abuse and private tax evasion. According to this report, the countries are losing a total of $427 billion in tax annually. The loss encumbered by India is about  Rs 75,000 crore in taxes per year due to tax abuse

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices -28th  November 2020

Global Terrorism Indes 2020

 -By, Dr. Rituparna Dubey

The Global Terrorism Index Report was recently released.

Index Prepared by:

Institute of Economics and Peace

Key Points:

  • The GTI ranks India 8th most impacted nation by terrorism.
  • In 2019, 558 incidents were reported of terrorism, in which about 277 lost their lives, and 439 people were injured.
  • The Report marks the South Asian Region as the worst affected by terrorism.
  • Afghanistan was the most affected by terrorism followed by Iraq, and Nigeria.
  • India is 8th most affected country.

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices -26th  November 2020

Global Corruption Barometer – Asia report

 -By, Dr. Rituparna Dubey

India tops Asia in bribery, use of personal connections to access public services according to the  Global Corruption Barometer – Asia report.

A survey conducted by:

Global civil society organization- Transparency International. 

Key Point:

  • India has emerged as the country with the highest bribery rate of 39% in the Asian region
  • Indonesia and China have second & third highest bribery rates.
  • India has the most number of people who use personal connections to access public services.
  • This report is based upon the survey which was conducted between June 17 and July 17 this year, in India with a sample size of 2,000.
  • The Global Corruption Barometer Asia found that nearly 50 percent of those who paid bribes were asked to.
  •  32 percent of those who used personal connections said they would not receive the service otherwise.

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices -23rd  November 2020

Worldwide Cost of Living

 -By, Dr. Rituparna Dubey

The Worldwide Cost of Living was recently released.

Released by:


Key Points:

  • The cities that top the list:
  • Hong Kong
  • Zurich
  • Paris
  • The 2020 report is based on the cost of living.
  • This survey looked at the prices of 138 goods and products across 130 countries.
  • The EIU was founded in 1946 and has its HQ in London.

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices -19th November 2020

India ranks 77th in the 2020 Global Bribery Risk Matrix

India has been ranked 77th among 194 countries in the 2020 Global Bribery Risk Matrix prepared by TRACE International. TRACE International is US-based organization that sets anti-corruption and anti-bribery standards and prepares global lists that measures business bribery risks. The Matrix was unveiled for the first time in 2014

Key Highlights-

  • India’s Total Risk Score was 45.
  • India was ranked 78th in the 2019 Global Bribery Risk Matrix with a Total Risk Score of 48.
  • Denmark has been ranked 1st in the matrix with a total risk score of 1.
  • Norway has been ranked 2nd followed by Finland with Total Risk Scores of 5 and 7 respectively.
  • North Korea has been kept at the last position with the Total Risk Score of 93.
  • The Matrix has been prepared on the basis of 4 domains and 9 sub domains regarding potential business bribery risk.
  • India has been ranked ahead of Pakistan, China and Nepal.


Current Affairs- Reports and Indices -18th November

India among 6 countries with maximum number of infants devoid of Measles vaccine, says WHO Report

The latest Reports from World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that India is among the six countries where a large number of infants have not received vaccination for Measles. The report has been released by WHO and United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Name of the Report- Progress Towards Regional Measles Elimination Worldwide 2000-2019

Key Highlights-

  • India along with Nigerian Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Phillipines have maximum number of children who have not been vaccinated with Measles Vaccine.
  • Around 1.2 million children in India have not received MCV1 (Measles-Containing-Vaccine) Phase-1 vaccination in 2019.
  • Measles is a contagious viral disease. Around 8,69,770 cases of Measles were reported in 2019.
  • MCV-1 has been vaccinated in 84% of the world and MCV-2 in 71 %.
  • As per the WHO recommendations, MCV-1 and MCV-2 should achieve a global coverage of 95% in order to prevent the outbreaks of Measles virus.

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices- 17th November 2020

Delhi secures 62nd rank in 2021 World’s Best Cities

Delhi has been ranked 62nd in the ‘2021 World’s Best Cities’ report prepared by Resonance Consultancy Ltd. The report has been prepared on the basis of the annual report and ranking of 100 best cities around the world.

Key Highlights-

  • London has been ranked 1st for the 6th consecutive year.
  • New York has been ranked 2nd followed by Paris in the 3rd
  • Delhi was ranked at 81st place in the ‘2020 World’s Best Cities’ report.
  • The report has been prepared by short-listing the cities that have a population of more than 10 lakh.
  • The report was based on 25 ranking factors, which were divided among 6 core categories.
  • Number of social media hashtags, check-ins, weather, diversity and the number of tourist attractions and parks.
  • London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Madrid are the top 10 cities of the ‘2021 World’s Best Cities’ report.

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices- 10th November 2020

Rahul Chhabra unveils IBSA Report virtually

Economic Relations Secretary of Ministry of External Affairs, Rahul Chhabra has launched the India-Brazil-South Africa Report virtually. It carries the title- Deepening Cooperation in IBSA : Perspectives from Key Sectors.

Date of launch- 10th November 2020

Key Highlights-

  • The report has been prepared using the research work undertaken by the fellows on the cooperation at the United Nations (UN), Intellectual Property Rights, Traditional Medicine, Financial Sector Cooperation & Trade in Banking Services & Energy.
  • The IBSA Visiting Fellowship Program was started in 2018 for promoting academic exchange of young scholars in the field of economics and social sciences to strengthen the research collaboration among India, Brazil and South Africa.
  • The IBSA Program was instituted at the Research and Information System, which is an autonomous policy research institute funded by Government of India.

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Indian boys and girls among the shortest teenagers in the world as per 'The Lancet BMI' report

India has been ranked 196th in Boys category and 198th in Girls category in the Body Mass Index (BMI) Report released by Lancet. Netherlands topped the report. 19-year-old boys and girls of India have a BMI of 20.1

Prepared by- The Lancet

Key Highlights-

  • The Lancet is an international medical journal that conducts various surveys across the globe.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated by dividing body weight (in Kg) by the square of height (in meters).
  • The BMI Report was prepared by surveying 65 million participants from 200 countries including children and adolescents within the age group of 5 to 19 years.
  • Around 2181 population based studies were analyzed for preparing the report.
  • Boys and Girls from Netherlands are the tallest in the world.
  • Boys of Timor- Leste and Girls of Guatemala are the shortest in the world.
  • India has the lowest BMI in both Boys and Girls Category, whereas Japan has the lowest BMI in Girls.


Current Affairs- Reports and Indices – 9th November 2020

Kerala tops IMPEX 2019

As per the Interstate Migrant Policy Index (IMPEX) 2019 report, Kerala has integrated the maximum number of migrant workers in 2019. A Mumbai based Non Profit Organization (NPO) releases IMPEX, which shows the integration of interstate migrants in different states of India.

Key Highlights-

  • As per the report, Kerala has secured 1st rank followed by Goa, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh.
  • The average IMPEX score of 28 states and Delhi is 37 out of 100.
  • The low score highlights that the policy makers should focus on the proper implementation of the policies and laws for the migrant workers.
  • Kerala’s IMPEX score was 57 and 51 for both, Goa and Rajasthan, which makes them the only states to cross the IMPEX score of 50 out of 100.
  • As per Census 2011, around 51 % of the total migrants are integrated by Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • The Census 2011 also reveals that there are around 455 million internal migrants in India and 54 million migrants crossed the state borders for work.


UK’s Lord Gerry Grimstone releases UKIBC’s ‘Doing Business in India Report 2020’

Lord Gerry Grimstone of United Kingdom has released the 6th edition of United Kingdom India BUSINESS Council’s (UKIBC’s) - Doing business in India Report 2020. The report was titled as ‘Doing Business in India : The UK Perspective’

Key Highlights-

  • UKIBC has been releasing ‘Doing Business in India Report’ since 2015, which is based on in-depth surveys of 106 organizations in UK that are operating in India.
  • As per the report, 70 out of 106 surveyed business organizations found it easier to do business in India due to recent improvisations in the labour laws and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policies and availability of skilled labourers in the country.
  • The report reveals that Maharashtra has shown the maximum improvement for the third consecutive year followed by Karnataka, Delhi, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

Current Affairs- Reports and Indices-5th November 2020

More frequent pandemics in the near future, says IPBES Report

As per the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem (IBPES), the world will face more pandemics frequently in the upcoming years. It also says that the pandemics will be entirely driven by human activities and biodiversity destruction.

Date of release-5th November 2020

Key Highlights-

  • As per the report, the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic is the sixth global pandemic since the last century’s Influenza Pandemic of 1918.
  • The report says that the ongoing pandemic is entirely driven by human activities even though the source of microme is an animal.
  • Nearly over 1.7 million viruses exist in mammals and birds which are yet to be discovered, out of which around 82,700 might be virulent to humans.
  • The report also reveals that Ebola, Zika and Nipah viruses have been a subject to natural spillage due to excessive contact of people with the wildlife and livestock.
  • All the pandemics occurred so far, were zoonotic (coming from animals) in nature.

30 Indian Cities to face ‘Water Risk’ by 2050 as per WWF Report

According to the report released by World Wide Fund (WWF), Water Risk Filter, 30 Indian cities will be facing lethal levels of water by the year 2050. The report includes one-third of 100 major cities around the world.

Name of the report- Water Risk Filter

Report prepared by- World Wide Fund for Nature  and Deutsche Investitions-und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (KFW DEG).

Key Highlights-

  • As per the report, Jaipur is at the top in terms of future water risks followed Indore and Thane among the Indian cities. A total of 30 cities in the list are in India.
  • Jaipur ranks 45th in the Global Rankings whereas Indore holds 75th place out of 100 cities in the world.
  • The report also says that nearly half of the cities in the list are in China.
  • The list also includes the cities like Beijing, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Mecca and Rio de Janiero.
  • WWF Water Risk Filter is an online tool that evaluates the levels of risks in the most densely populated cities in the world.