Riddle Questions with Answers | Part 2 | QuickBytes

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Practice and Learn Interesting Riddle Questions with Answers Part 2. QuickBytes publishes Daily, Weekly & Monthly Riddles which can help boost your verbal fluency and creative thinking.

1. I can swallow you and I can also get swallowed by you. What am I?


2. I am a word of five letters, remove two letters and you will get one. What is the word?


3. You can tumble on me or roll me or even burn me and animals love to eat me. What am I?


4. I am a kind of cup that does not hold water. What am I?


5. I am a precious stone in a pack of cards. Who am I?


6. I am wingless but I can fly high in the sky. I am limbless but I can dance. What am I?


7. If you take me a mile further and I will change but if you take me a million miles further and I will be the same. What am I?


8. I am a dress but can never be worn. What am I?


9. I have one eye but I am blind. What am I?


10. If you have me never share me, If you share me you won’t have me. What am I?


11. I can be created in the present, I can be found in the past but never in the future. What am I?


12. I am so fragile that I break even on getting mentioned. What am I?


13. I float for some time and then I fall down. What am I?


14. It is a toy of a queen, tool of a thief and it is used to be unseen. What is it?


15. Some take it very late, some take it quickly. Those who take it are the ones to lose and gain the most. What is it?