Riddle Questions with Answers|Part 4| QuickBytes

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Practice and Learn Interesting Riddle Questions with Answers Part 4.QuickBytes publishes Daily, Weekly & Monthly Riddles which can help boost your verbal fluency and creative thinking.

1. I become smaller when you add two letters to me. What am I?


2. What will you do stop the fish from smelling?

Cut off its nose

3. Kind of bone that a dog never eats?

Trombone (Musical Instrument)

4. I am the beginning of the end and the end of the time. What am I?

Letter- E

5. I am always to be, I never was. No one has ever seen me. What am I?


6. I am in every season, I am in every Century but I am never in a Decade. What am I?


7. Which day has 12 hours?


8. I have a big mouth but I never speak. What am I?


9. I follow you everywhere you go but I am not your fan. What am I?

Your Shadow

10. There is a bomb under your table. If it explodes, what will get destroyed first?


11. A mother’s child, a father’s child but no one’s son.

A daughter

12. I sit when I stand, I jump when I walk. What am I?


13. I get whiter when I get dirtier. What am I?


14. I am answered every time but I never ask any questions. What am I?

Doorbell/ Phone

15. Which house is the lightest?