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Practice and Learn Interesting Riddle Questions with Answers Part 6. QuickBytes publishes Daily, Weekly & Monthly Riddles which can help boost your verbal fluency and creative thinking.

1. You carry me wherever you go; you leave me behind whatever you touch.


2. I never fall but I still break everyday. What am I?

Day (Daybreak)

3. I have pointed fangs to pierce my bloodless victims to join them in a single bite. What am I?


4. Name a word that gains height when you add two letters to it.


5. I am a room where people meet but I don’t have walls. What am I?

Chat Room

6. I am lifeless but I still have to die. What am I?


7. I am hard to break, but if you break me I get harder to break. What am I?


8. I am born of sorrow, I grow with age ; you will need me a lot to be a sage. What am I?


9. The first two letters of a word indicates a man, the first three letters of that word implies a woman, and the whole word signifies a great man. What word is that?


10. The Sun bakes me, the hands break me, the foot treads on me, people taste me solid or liquid. What am I?


11. I am lighter than air but even then you can’t pick me up. What am I?


12. I have blades not so slim; I produce wind just by spin. What am I?


13. I always stay in the corner but still manage to travel the whole world. What am I?

A stamp

14. I have been erected on the field to scare, yet no man fears me. What am I?


15. Which side of a dog has the most fur?