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Practice and Learn Interesting Riddle Questions with Answers Part 7. QuickBytes publishes Daily, Weekly & Monthly Riddles which can help boost your verbal fluency and creative thinking.

1. I have a long neck and I feed on the cargo of ships. I carry the name of a bird. What am I?


2. I rise with the tides; I fall with the waves. I drift with the currents and get eaten by fishes. What am I?


3. I am a strange creature with two eyes in the front and many more at the back. What am I?


4. Children born from the same mother and on the same day but they are not twins. What are they?


5. I am a creature that appears tall when seated and short when standing. What am I?


6. When I point up you can see, when I point down you become blind. What am I?

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7. Crush me I survive, sink me and I will die. What am I?


8. I rule the kingdom, I rule the country and you need me for measuring in your inventory. What am I?


9. Patch upon patch without any stitches, you will find me in tasty dishes. What am I?


10. In summer I put on clothes, in winter I throw them away. What am I?


11. If you drop a white hat in the red sea. What will it become?


12. Who builds crowns of gold and bridges of silver?


13. I am red and I have hate. What am I?


14. I am a tool where on which no one sits, not even the toads. What am I?


15. I am double faced yet I ensure security. I can save lives I can take many. What am I?


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