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Throw it upward in the air. The earth produces a gravitational force which brings down everything that goes up.


H202 (Hydrogen peroxide) which is harmful and can cause death.


In vacuum both will reach in same time.


Charcoal. It is black when bought, turns red due to heat and turns gray after.


It is at the North Pole. The winds are blowing towards the north till they reach the pole. The moment the pole is crossed, they are blowing towards south.


Echo. An echo is a sound that is repeated because the sound waves are reflected back.


The coin in the 1st bucket. At 25 degrees C water is liquid, while at 25 degrees F it turns into ice.


Pour the water then freeze it before pouring the milk.


Isaac Newton. The pictures were Eyes Sac Knee Ton.


Just release the ball at the top of an inclined plane and the solid ball has a smaller moment of inertia and hence less mechanical energy is spent on rotating the ball and therefore it will reach earlier.


Felix. Iron = Fe (chemical symbol) and 59 = LIX (Roman numerals)


The shorter piece will weigh more. This is the reason why a heavier kid sits closer in on a see-saw against a lighter kid.


Considering you can find a magnifying glass, yes. Using the bright sunrays, you can then burn away the string allowing the ring to fall down on the bottom of the bottle.


The container was half full at 12:59 PM. When the bacteria doubled in the next minute, the container became full. This is an example of exponential growth.


20 steps are still above water, for the ladder and boat both rise with the tide.