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Practice and Learn Science Puzzles, Riddles,MCQ & Quiz Set 3. QuickBytes publishes easy, interesting and hard Science Puzzles & Science Riddles to exercise and sharpen your brain Daily, Weekly & Monthly.


The sound is that of the tip of your finger striking the base of your thumb. Now try it, and listen carefully.


3 pieces of paper. It won't matter which direction you make the cut with the scissors - you'll end up with 3 pieces of paper


Top of the yacht. The distance from the center of the earth to the top of it is the longest compared to the other parts of it.


The two men approached the river from different sides.


No. The hot-air balloon has the same velocity as the wind.


No. To be able to stand up from a chair, the vertical line from your center of gravity must cross the support area (your feet).


The soldier died instantly, we cannot know what his dream is.


It’s day time.


No. When the glass is inverted, atmospheric pressure creates an upwardly directed force sufficient to support the column water.


The balloon made of rubber will reach a higher altitude because it will increase in size while getting higher.


Not possible. Water will not prevent access to oxygen which is necessary for burning.


When liquids are mixed, the molecules can arrange themselves so that they fit together more tightly than either of the original, pure liquids. The mass in the box will increase, but the total volume will not change.


Birds, unlike humans, need gravity to swallow. Humans can swallow even while hanging upside down.


A helium filled balloon; or a balloon filled with any gas lighter than air. Earth's atmosphere causes a helium balloon to float, thus making it impossible to weigh. On the moon, the lack of atmosphere causes the balloon to sink, allowing it to be weighed. It will only weigh a little bit, but will still be heavier than on earth.


Trimethylxanthine is also known as caffeine.