Trivia News Updates | In Short | 14th October

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Trivia News Updates | In Short | 14th October

Gynandromorph bird found in USA

In an extremely rare incident, a rose-breasted gynandromorph grosbeak bird was found at a nature reserve in Pennsylvania, US. Gynandromorph birds are those which are part male and part female. Typically, the male grosbeaks have black wing feathers and pink wing pits, while female grosbeaks have brown wings and yellow wing pits. The grosbeak spotted at the reserve was weirdly colour split right down the middle, pink on the right side, yellow on the left. The scientists claimed that sighting a gynandromorph bird is a once in a lifetime experience.

Seal takes a stroll down a Chilean street

A large elephant seal broke Chile's overnight curfew on Monday and surprised the residents of the Puerto Cisnes town by taking a leisurely stroll down the street. The huge marine mammal, weighing a whopping two-tonne, was filmed by several people hefting itself through the roads for a few blocks before help arrived to rescue it. The curious footage of the Elephant seal is now viral in Social media throughout the world. Locals said that it was not aggressive and appeared confused. It is believed that the seal became disoriented after coming ashore.

Earthquake-bomb diffusion starts in Poland

Military divers on Monday began an operation to defuse a 5,400 kg WWII bomb submerged in a waterway in Poland's Swinoujscie. British warplanes dropped the bomb, called Tallboy or earthquake bomb, in 1945 over what was then Nazi Germany. The operation to extract and defuse the bomb from its 39-feet-deep resting place is expected to take up to five days. The bomb was discovered more than half a century after its deployment by the British by workers who were dredging a nearby channel. This is a first of its kind operation which also spells out the uniqueness of the event.

Paralysed man comes to the rescue of a swimmer

A paralysed man in Russia jumped into the water from a pier to rescue an ailing swimmer from the same spot he had injured himself 13 years ago. Nikita Vankov, a licensed para diver, spotted two people trying to help an ailing man out of the water. He left his wheelchair and jumped into the water to rescue the swimmer. Vankov, a certified para diver who dives for a living, visited the pier with a film crew 13 years after he injured himself. The fall back in 2007 had fractured three vertebrae in his spine, which left him wheelchair-bound.

Machu Picchu reopened for one man

Peru opened the ruins of Machu Picchu for a single Japanese tourist who had been stranded in the country due to coronavirus pandemic. Jesse Takayama was due to visit Machu Picchu in March but it closed because of coronavirus. Jesse Takayama's entry into the ruins of the Inca Citadel became true thanks to a special request he submitted while stranded since mid-March in the town of Aguas Calientes, on the slopes of the mountains near the site. He also became the first and only tourist to visit the Machu Picchu ina aspan of seven months.

TCS skip past Accenture, becomes Most valuable IT service company in the World

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has become the most valued IT services company in the world. Achieving the feat with a market value of USD 144.7 billion, the company has surpassed Ireland based IT MNC Accenture to the top spot. The peak market capitalisation puts TCS only behind Reliance Industries among listed Indian companies. Reliance is currently valued at nearly USD 215 billion. Accenture, on the other hand, was listed at USD 143.1 billion as on October 8 closing.

Insights into Blackholes earns Nobel Prize

On Tuesday, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences decided to award one half of the 2020 Nobel Prize in physics to Sir Roger Penrose and the other half jointly to Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez for furthering the understanding of black holes, the most “enigmatic” objects in the universe. Sir Penrose has been awarded the prize for the discovery that black hole formation is a robust prediction of the general theory of relativity, while Genzel and Ghez have been awarded the prize for the discovery of a supermassive compact object at the centre of our galaxy.

Honda CB350 H’ness to rock Royal Enfield throne

Honda motorcycles launched the CB350 H’ness model in India on Thursday, ahead of the festive season, which starts next week. The new inclusion of Honda is aimed to bring up a strong competition in the retro-cruiser segment, which is now dominated by the Royal Enfield sub-brands, especially Bullet and Classic models. The CB350 H’ness offers segment-best features to compete against the likes of RE Classic 350 and other models of Jawa. Motorcycle enthusiasts around the country look eagerly onto the performance of the new Honda model.

Jurgen Klopp surprises young Red's fan

The Legendary manager of the Liverpool FC, Jurgen Klopp managed to surprise a young Liverpool fan by replying to his letter, which addressed his anxiety about joining a new school. The German gaffer wrote back to 11-year-old Lewis Balfe, telling him that he too gets nervous, but he gets backed by his players, staff and the management, as will Lewis by his family and friends.

The Reds boss, now having a mythical status amongst the scouse fans, helped Liverpool to get their first Premier League in 30 years, and also brought the UEFA Champions League title back to Anfield.

Zero-gravity Toilet launched by NASA

Nasa is to launch a new zero-gravity toilet for testing at the International Space Station (ISS) before its probable use in a future mission to the Moon. The $23m toilet, which sucks waste from the body, will be sent to the station on the Antares, a North Grumman powered cargo ship.

Nasa said the toilet's vacuum system was designed for the comfort of female astronauts, unlike previous models. A rocket carrying the cargo ship was supposed to blast off from Wallops Island, Virginia, on Thursday but the launch was postponed due to last-minute technical difficulties.

A Car flies past Mars!!!

 The Tesla Roadster, which was owned and launched into space by the billionaire entrepreneur and space enthusiast Elon Musk, reportedly zoomed past the orbit of Mars last Wednesday. The Tesla, which was launched as a payload of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket in 2018, was nicknamed “The Starman”.

The Tesla was supposed to slip into a circular orbit between Mars and the sun. But the mission overshot and ended up on an elliptical path that takes it far past Martian orbit, toward the asteroid belt. The Tesla came almost a million miles near Mars, which is near for an unprecedented projectile.