January 21, 2023

10 Most Dangerous Islands To Visit In The World


Saba Island in Caribbean is known as the Unspoiled Queen, it is very dangerous because of multiple episodes of hurricanes.

Miyake-Jima Island in Japan, the natural habitats of this Island are constantly under the threat from volcanic emissions.

North Sentinel Island in India is home to a group of indigenous people, who attack and kill visitors.

Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is home to variety of sharks that makes it one of the most dangerous island to go.

Bikini Atoll at Marshall Islands is very unsafe, since it is exposed to nuclear radiation because several nuclear tests.

Ramree Island in Myanmar is home to the largest reptile in the world, Anaconda, which makes it extremely dangerous place.

Ilha da Queimada Island in Brazil, roughly 3,000 venomous snakes are believed to live on this snake Island.

Poveglia Island in Northern Italy was once it was used as a quarantine mental hospital makes it most haunted place in world.

Gruinard Island in Scotland was a site for biological warfare testing, which led to its poisoning of ecosystem.

Farallon Islands in USA is unsafe due to radioactive waste dumped in the sea, Farallon became off-limits to the public.

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