April 21, 2023

10 Popular Rice Varieties From All Around The World

Afeefa afi

Red rice rich in antioxidants, mainly cultivated in Thailand & Africa. This rice got its name from colour & earthy flavour.

Bamboo rice is one of the healthy rice grain,which processed inside the bamboo shoots.This provide natural green colour.

Arborio rice is a popular Italian rice, mainly consumed in Italian & European cuisines.This is short grained with good aroma

Purple Thao rice is a medium sized rice with pleasent aroma& unique purple colour, mainly used in Asian & oriental cuisines.

Basmati rice is a most loved rice variety across the world due to its characteristic white colour & delicious flavour.

Sushi rice popularly known as Japanese sticky rice.This fluffy &high starch rice is used to give such texture & raste.

Jasmine rice mainly consumed in Thailand & other Asian countries.This exotic rice variety best paired with Thai red churry.

Mongra rice is a gluten free rice variety with fluffy texture. It has staple characteristic falvour & delicious taste.

Sona masuri is a most popular Indian rice variety. Structure of Sona masuri is similar to Basmati rice with subtle aroma.

Wild rice is basically long grain rice,come from wild grass.This whole grain mainly cultivated in America & has nutty taste.

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Afeefa afi