March 10, 2022

5 Of The Worst IMDB Rated Bollywood Movies Of 2021


Prequel of blockbuster movie Stree, Roohi had big expectations, the horror-comedy received negative reviews with 4.3 rating.

The critics found Arjun Kapoor's movie Sardar Ka Grandson very sloppy & not worth investing time, it got IMDB rating of 4.2.

Richa Chadha has been known for picking some out-of-the-box stories, however Lahore Confidential disappointed with 2.8 rating

Hungama 2, the sequel of superhit classic comedy Hungama, netizens completely discarded it, movie got IMDB rating of 2.1.

Salman Khan's action drama, Radhe didn't impress fans, it was one of the lowest IMDB rated movie of 2021 with 1.8 rating.

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