April 26, 2022

6 Best Places To Eat Juicy Burgers In Bangalore


Think Truffles, and you’d instantly gravitate towards their out-of-the-world burgers, available in wide variety of flavours.

The Only Place in Church Street is one of the first place that introduced American food like burgers & steaks in Bangalore.

If you’re having a house party or indulgent weekday night, then order jumbo burger with whopping 700 gms of meat from Plan B.

BurgerHaus, as the name suggests brings gourmet burgers to your doorstep with buttery buns and surprising-inducing toppings.

Burger Seigneur can elevate your dining experience with its handcrafted burgers prepared with superior imported ingredients.

Cuppa Redefined Cafe in HSR Layout screams everything but burgers, it has all the ingredients needed for a perfect weekend.

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