February 6, 2023

6 Dishes In The World You Must Try Once In Your Life


Ramen is a famous Japanese cuisine consisting of wheat noodles, broth and various meats and veggies.

Tom Yum Goong is a sour and spicy soup popular in Thailand, which is made with medicinal herbs and spices.

Apfelstrudel is a famous Australian dessert. This dish is an oval strudel cookie topped with a delicious apple filling.

Kimchi is a popular Korean side dish made by fermenting veggies like cabbage and radish and flavoring them with spices&herbs.

Dosa is a widely recognized food in India. It is commonly stuffed with various fillings like potato filling.

Massaman Curry is a rich curry of Thailand, is created with cardamom, cloves, all spices, cumin, Bay leaves, nutmeg and mace.

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