January 28, 2023

7 Celebrities Who Are Totally Crushing On Zendaya

Sneha charu

Austin Mahone didn't exactly shy away from the implication he was crushing on Z a little bit.

Vamps member James McVey couldn't help but gush over one of Zendaya's gorgeous magazine covers.

Khleo Thomas these days he's crushing hard on Zendaya and he's not afraid to admit it.

The Faking It star Keith Powers admitted that his girl crush was Zendaya to Galore Magazine.

Matt Rife is a 19-year-old comedian who's a regular on Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out also have a crush on Zendaya

Rami Malek has the honor of getting a response from Queen Zendaya on Twitter on two seperate occasions.

YouTuber Nathan Zed totally fangirled when Zendaya favorited one of his tweets and he gushed about it to all his followers

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Sneha charu