May 4, 2022

7 Things That Make UAE Truly Unique And Special


On 12 December 2017, UAE became the 1st country in the world to appoint a Minister for Artificial Intelligence.

As of March 2022, approximately 88% of the UAE's population is made up of immigrants, only about 12% are Emiratis.

6 of the world’s tallest hotels are in the UAE, the luxurious 5-star Gevora Hotel is the tallest one with 356 meters height.

Camel racing is the most loved sport in the UAE, currently there are 15 fully equipped camel racing tracks.

Despite the cultural and visual dominance of camels all over UAE, Arabian Oryx is the national animal of UAE.

The UAE do not have any freshwater lakes, but there are several oases in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The citizens of UAE give so much treasure to their falcons, that they also need a passport for them to travel out of country.

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