March 30, 2022

8 Desi Drinks That Indians Prefer During Summers

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Aam panna made using raw mangoes, sugar & spices, with a sweet & tangy flavour, it is a must try cooler drink for summers.

Buttermilk helps cool down your body & restore its natural energy, it is also full of probiotics & improves your metabolism.

Sattu Sharbat is a natural summer cooler, it prevents your body from overheating and it also has high nutritional value.

Nimbu pani is easily available summer cooler, which prevents from getting dehydrated and removes all toxins from your body.

With twist of spices added in nimbu pani, Shikanji is a natural cooler for your body, it also helps in improving digestion.

With sweet and salty flavours, Lassi is extremely effective in preventing heat stroke, it also helps in improving digestion.

Bael sharbat is a soothing detox drink for summers, it helps in keeping you hydrated & gives nourishment to the skin.

Jaljeera is not just an amazing cooling agent but also prevents heartburn, acidity, gas, nausea and giddiness.

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