May 1, 2023

8 Fascinating Facts About Incredible Indian Railways

Jaya prakash

Hubli has a longest train platform in the world as of today with a length of 1,507 metres, which is part of Indian Railways.

It runs 13,169 passenger trains daily, on both long-distance and suburban routes, covering 7,325 stations across India.

In 2002, Indian Railways celebrated its 150th year. Bholu the Guard elephant was chosen as an official mascot.

The record for maximum number of stops by an Express/Mail train is held by Howrah - Amritsar Express 115 halts.

Indian Railways is the largest employer in India with 14 lakh employees and eighth biggest employer of the world.

Lord Dalhousie is known as the Father of Indian Railways. In 1843, he had conceived the possibility of starting railways.

After India attained Independence on August 15, 1947, John Mathai became the first Railway Minister of the country.

The first passenger train in India ran between Bombay (Bori Bunder) and Thane on 16 April 1853.

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