February 17, 2023

Popping Realities That Makes Popcorn A Amazing Tidbit

Shahnu shir

Popcorn was discovered over 5,000 years back. The first commercial popcorn machine was invented by Charles Cretors in 1885.

Nearly all of the world's popcorn production is in the United States, with 25 states growing the crop.

Pillsbury introduced the first popcorn geared for microwaves in 1982, when it came out with a frozen microwave popcorn.

The hull of some varieties of popcorn shatters when it pops so it looks hulless. Popcorns pop up to 3 feet when popping.

In 1949, popcorn was temporarily banned from movie theaters in the USA for being too loud of a snack, while munching.

Popcorn kernels are 4% water and the water causes popcorn to pop when heated up.

America's favorite gourmet popcorn popS 400°F, which is the ideal temperature for popping of popcorn.

During World War II, because of the acute sugar shortage, Americans started eating almost three times more popcorn.

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Shahnu shir