May 29, 2023

8 Popular Bollywood Stars And Their Phobias

Sneha charu

Sonam Kapoor is a fashion star defined for her stunning dresses and design trends, yet she has an unusual fear of elevators.

Barbie of bollywood Katrina Kaif is known for her phobia of darkness, which can be seen as a normal one.

Priyanka is terrified of horses, but she makes it a point to confront them and overcome her anxiety.

Deepika Padukone had once reportedly revealed that she is scared of snakes and suffers from Ophidiophobia.

Celina Jaitley is a tangible personality in bollywood, yet she is afraid of nature's most beautiful creation butterflies.

Bebo of bollywood is afraid of bike rides, so she makes sure before signing a movie she doesn't have to face them.

The cutest bollywood star Alia Bhatt is afraid of the dark. Alia and Katrina both suffer from the same phobia.

Anushka Sharma has a fear of bugs. She despises insects and is terrified of cockroaches.

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Sneha charu