March 23, 2023

8 Reasons To Discover The Splendours Of Nepal


Nepal is home to over 35 ethnic groups, each having its unique language, belief, festival, and art.

It is Home to two fascinating UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, Kathmandu Valley and Lumbini.

People in Nepal are exceedingly warm and welcoming. They believe guests are God and always try to make you feel at home.

Nepali cuisines still possess its uniqueness. You simply can't leave Nepal without trying some of its delicacies.

With 8 out of 10 highest mountains on earth, Nepal is synonymous with mountain trekking.

Nepal is a perfect destination for wildlife lovers. A trip to Nepal enables you to explore a great variety of animals & birds

Nepal is a perfect place for people seeking a sense of serenity. A Nepal tour itself is a journey to inner peace.

Nepal is an excellent choice for budget-minded travelers. Most restaurants are reasonably priced.

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