May 17, 2023

8 Thought Provoking Films That Tried To Predict Future


'The Island' is set 14 years form 2005 and showcased cloning technology which is not possible even in 2023

The movie '2012' didn't predict anything too far in the future & apocalyptic movies aren't exactly new. The world didn't end.

The sci-fi animated movie 'Meet the Robinsons' failed to predict the future.

The starting year in 'Demolition Man' is 1996,just 3 years after the movie's release, we didn't find cryogenic technology

Humanity is not even close to developing time travel between the past and present, which is shown in 'Timecop'

Minority Report accurately predicted the use of advanced biometric technology, virtual and augmented reality & advanced AI.

The movie 'Westworld' showed significant technological achievements.

Humanity is still nowhere near the level of space colonization like shown in the 1998 movie 'Lost in space'.

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