May 11, 2023

9 Foods You Must Totally Avoid During The Summer Season


Grilled meat is cooked at high temperatures and when the temperature is already high outside. It can develop cancer.

Ice creams are high in fat and sugar content, increasing your risk of developing obesity and diabetes.

Alcohol has the ability to immediately increase your body temperature, just with one or two drinks.

Mangoes have the ability to increase body heat and give rise to a no.of undesirable symptoms like diarrhoea, headache etc,.

Dairy products can cause ailments during the summer. It can undergo abnormal fermentation in the stomach due to body heat.

Oily foods and junk foods be worse when had during summers, as they too can spike up body heat and lower your immunity.

Consuming coffee and tea regularly during summers can also increase body heat and dehydration.

Dry fruits can increase body temperature and that is not a good thing to happen,when the temperature is already high outside.

Adding spices to your dishes during the summer can also boost your body heat further, making you feel dehydrated and sick.

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