February 4, 2023

9 Innovative Cricket Shots That Evolved In Recent Times


The inside out shot is played when a batsman steps forward and away from the stumps, Suresh Raina was treat to watch.

A paddle scoop, Marillier shot or ramp shot is a modern cricketing shot. Tilakdishan is credited to invent this shot.

A switch hit is a modern cricket shot. A switch hit involves the batter effectively changing from a right-hander to a left.

Back-foot strokes are often underestimated in comparison to front-foot ones, but they are very effective.

A sweep is a cross-batted front foot shot played to a low bouncing ball or slow full toss.

A straight drive is a deliberate shot that aims to hit the ball along the ground to prevent being caught out.

The Pull shot is an attacking stroke played to a delivery, which pitches on a short length on leg side.

An upper cut is a shot played towards third man, usually hit when the ball is pitched outside off stump with extra bounce.

Normally, the helicopter shot is played in response to a fuller or yorker-length delivery from a fast or a slow bowler.

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