March 6, 2023

Exploring Divya Bharti's Fashion & Style Legacy

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Divya Bharti was known for her unique fashion sense, which was ahead of its time in the 90s.

She popularized the crop top trend and was often seen sporting it in her films and off-screen.

Divya was also known for her love for oversized jackets and denim jackets, which are still considered stylish today.

Divya Bharti also experimented with different styles of Indian wear, like lehenga-choli, sharara, and salwar-kameez.

Her iconic hairstyle with short, curly hair and a side parting became a trend among young girls in the 90s.

Divya Bharti often wore big earrings and necklaces that complemented her outfits, giving her a unique & distinctive jewelry.

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