June 2, 2023

Global Day Of Parents - A Day Dedicated To Parenthood


In 2012, the General Assembly proclaimed June 1 as the Global Day of Parents, to be observed annually in honour of parents.

The day aims to stimulate awareness of the importance of parenthood and its role providing protection.

The day is also recognises the value of family and how it is important for children to grow up in a family environment.

Parents are the first teacher and human interaction that a child is exposed to even before they start going to play school.

With many complications resulting from pregnancy, just having a healthy parent is something to be grateful for.

Parents do everything to protect their children and make countless selfless sacrifices to ensure their growth.

Global day of parents is observed to show our appreciation for our parents contribution to moulding our careers.

Campaigns and educational programs are also widely hosted for parents and to encourage stability within nuclear families.

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