February 21, 2023

Great History Behind The Success of Royal Enfield

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In 1892, Eadie Manufacturing Company Limited was started by Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith in England.

In the initial phases, company used to manufacture the different parts of guns for Royal Small Arms Factory.

In 1896, a new subsidiary company of the Eadie Manufacturing Ltd was formed, by the name The New Enfield Cycle Company Ltd.

During that time it use to make bicycles and their components. In 1899, company also manufactured a four-wheeled bicycle.

In 1901, the New Enfield Cycle Company produced its 1st motorcycle by fixing a motor produced by Minerva Company.

The New Enfield Cycle Company focused solely on manufacturing motorcycles, it later changed the name, to Royal Enfield.

In 1914, Royal Enfield tasted its first huge success when motorcycles were used in the First World War.

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