July 4, 2022

Guess Which Indian Cities Have Highest Crime Rate?


Puducherry is small city but has one of the higher crime indexes at 51.91. There has been an increase in overall crime rate.

Patiala has high rate of car theft that has increased crime index up to 51.68. City also has a lot of drug related crimes.

Ludhiana attracts a lot of tourists, but on the flip side it has a serious drug problem which increased crime index to 52.92.

Jalandhar’s crime index is 53.88. While it is safe to walk out in the night, the city has a serious drug related problems.

Amaravati has seen a rise in thefts in past few yeas. With a crime index of 55.43, it has lowest night time walking safety.

Gurgaon is though a modern city but has crime index of 54.15, with lot of violent attacks, vandalism & auto thefts reported.

Noida has a crime index of 57.36, incidents of mugging, corruption, bribery are very common. Walking in the night is unsafe.

Tiruvannamalai is one of the most corrupt Indian cities, vandalism & robbery is very common. The crime index is at 58.09.

Crime index in New Delhi is 59.58, national capital reports all sorts of crimes such as rape, vandalism, murders & auto theft

Surprisingly, Hosur is most dangerous city where people worry all the time about being attacked, crime index of city is 65.38

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