February 14, 2023

Have You Ever Heard Of Snake Island?


Snake Island is in the first position in the ranking of the world's most dangerous places on the Earth.

It is situated about 33 km (20 miles) off the coast of Brazil, near the state of Sao Paulo.

Researchers estimate that on the island live between one and five snakes per square meter.

It's difficult to get to this island in the first place and is almost impossible to get out alive.

Visiting is prohibited by the Brazilian Navy due to poisonous snakes and spiders, which lead to death in a few minutes.

106 acres in size is so densely packed with snakes and is home to approximately 430,000 deadly vipers.

Snake Island is uninhabited now, but people used to live there for a short period up to the late 1920s.

According to legend, the local lighthouse keeper and his family were killed by vipers that slithered in through the windows.

It's a place so dangerous that it's uninhabited and closed to visitors or tours.

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