Here Are Cheapest Countries To Have Pint Of Beer

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Budapest, the Hungarian capital, is the cheapest destination in Europe to buy alcoholic drinks, average beer pint costs $1.2.

Beer is literally cheaper than bottled water in the Czech Republic, a beer pint bottle costs just over $1 at most places.

Expect to pay $1 or less for a beer pint in Mexico, depending on how fancy the place is and whether it's a tourist spot.

The resorts in Bulgaria offers cheapest beers for the European holidaymakers, a bottle of local beer costs around $0.90.

Uganda is the 2nd most economical place to drink beer, Eagle Lager sells a pint at just $0.83 to help local the communities.

In Hanoi and surrounding areas in Vietnam, you can have a cheapest beer in the world, an average pint of beer costs $0.73.

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