January 9, 2023

Journey Of Rocking Star Yash From Anonymity To Stardom

Sõûgàtã R õ Y

Yash made acting debut with the Kannada show Uttarayana in 2004 after completing his B.A. from K.L.E. College in Bangalore

The Rocking Star, who has made the entire nation go crazy ran away from his home at the age of 16 to become an actor.

The Rocking Star has a younger sister named Nandini. She is married to a computer engineer.

The KGF actor had partnered with the Beardo brand of Marico Limited to start a lifestyle label named Villain in 2020.

Yash is vocal about his political inclinations. He openly campaigned for two BJP members.

The Rocking Star Yash has become a global phenomenon with his impactful performance in the KGF series.

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Sõûgàtã R õ Y