May 3, 2022

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars: Inspiring Greatness Always


In 1939, Rolls-Royce started making the entire cars, before that company use to make only chassis & engines for decades.

Rolls Royce uses only bull skin for the upholstery for its cars, it takes skin of upto 8 bulls to upholster a single car.

It takes around 2 months to build every Rolls Royce cars, since every element is handcrafted by the skilled technicians.

Mark Court has been the only person, who is painting the pinstripes on all the Rolls-Royce cars for past 17 years.

Approximately 65% of all Rolls-Royce motorcars ever built are still on the road today, that showcases their build quality.

Even after being in the automobile market for more than 115 years, Rolls Royce has only 1 SUV in their lineup, The Cullinan.

In 2021, Rolls-Royce created history, selling 5,586 cars globally, the most company has ever sold in its 117-year history.

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