August 19, 2022

Royal Enfield History - Making Motorcycles Since 1901


Royal Enfield was originated in UK but due to bankruptcy, it was shut down. In 1999, Indian Army took over the company.

Royal Enfield has manufactured motorcycles for the Russian Army, the British Army and the Indian Army.

Royal Enfield used to manufacture lawn mowers, arms, sporting guns and rifles before they started making motorcycles.

In 1990, Royal Enfield introduced a diesel engine motorcycle called Taurus but it was withdrawn in 2002 as it didn't do well.

In 2018, Royal Enfield was the first company to introduced rear disc brakes in a two wheeler in India.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are exported to more than 50 countries, with largest markets being Thailand, Indonesia & Cambodia.

Madras Motors receives an order from the Indian Army for 500 350cc Bullets, they proved to be hardy and easy to maintain.

In 1955, Enfield Cycle Company partnered with Madras Motors in India and set-up the first plant in Tiruvottiyur, Chennai.

The Bullet 350 is a first model of Royal Enfield, it is longest running model which is in continuous production since 1949.

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Their first motorcycle was launched in 1901.

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