May 4, 2022

Shah Rukh Khan: The Biggest Superstar Of Bollywood


The king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan has played 15 times on-screen name as 'Rahul' or 'Raj'. Do you remember all?

Shah Rukh Khan is one of most talented Indian actor, he has won 297 out of 338 nominations across popular movie awards.

In 1998, Shah Rukh Khan handed over his Best Actor Award to Salman Khan at Zee Cine Awards. What a sweet gesture!

Shah Rukh Khan is the only bollywood actor, who played the role of being his own fan in a movie 'FAN' in 2016.

Believe it or not, but a crazy Australian fan gifts Shah Rukh Khan a piece of the moon every year on his birthday.

Shah Rukh Khan is the only actor in bollywood, who have earned 3 foreign doctorates from 3 different universities.

As of Dec 2021, Shah Rukh Khan is bollywood richest star, his net worth was estimated to be around $700 million.

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