October 4, 2022

Story Of Hindustan Ambassador Car - The Pride Of India

Senthil Vaishu

The first Ambassador was based on the Morris Oxford series III model, made by Morris Motors Limited in UK from 1956 to 1959.

In 1957, Ambassador became the first made in India by Hindustan Motors, it remained only car to be manufactured till 1983.

Hindustan Ambassador remained in production till 2014, production span of 57 years makes it longest production car of India.

In a series of tests held by television show Top Gear on BBC, the Ambassador won the title of “Best Taxi in the World.

During the lifetime of the Ambassador, the Indian government bought as many as 16% of total units produced by the company.

In 1979, the company launched the Ambassador with a diesel engine, making it the first diesel car in India.

The bong connection, even though Ambassadors are now rarely seen in major Indian cities, they are a common sight in Kolkata.

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