February 5, 2023

These 6 Submarines Are The Deadliest Underwater Weapons


Russia's Typhoon-class submarines are the biggest subs ever built, each of the submarine stretched to nearly 600 feet long.

Russian Navy possesses three Project 955 “Borei-class”. These submarines are 170meters long and can travel up to 29mph knots.

The Delta Class comprises a series of ballistic missile that formed the cornerstone o Russian submarine fleet in the 1970s.

The 4th biggest in the world, the Ohio class submarines were commissioned for the US navy between 1977 and 1998.

The Oscar class, Soviet designations Project 949 Granit and Project 949A Antey are series of nuclear-powered cruise missiles.

The Vanguard class submarines contains four ballistic missile submarines built for the British Navy as part of the 1994.

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