January 25, 2023

These Are 10 Safest Countries If World War 3 Breaks Out

Sneha charu

Tuvalu is a very remote and neutral country deep in the Pacific Ocean. Major powers will not have a reason to attack Tuvalu.

New Zealand is another sequestered, yet developed nation, with a stable democracy and no history of gory war conflicts.

If World War 3 broke out Switzerland is sealed off and protected by mountains that surround its border.

Bhutan, surrounded by mountains is one of the most secluded land-locked countries, so is protected if war did begin.

With its long coastline and friendly people, you don’t need to have a world war as a reason to move to Chile.

While Denmark wouldn’t fare so well in a world war, its autonomous territory known as Greenland would probably survive.

Malta is a tiny island nation that floats in the Mediterranean Ocean. No country will waste an entire nuclear missile on it.

Ireland has no strong knots tied with other potential World War combatants either.

Fiji has been supporting human settlements for hundreds of years and it could manage in the case of world war 3.

Iceland is a country so peaceful. It does not share its border with any other country.

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Sneha charu