March 23, 2022

These Are 5 Deadly Mountains With Most Deaths


Manalsu is 5th most dangerous mountain at 8,163 meters, having claimed 53 lives from 297 attempts, its fatality rate is 17%.

Kangchenjunga at 8,586 meters has a fatality rate of 20%, 1 out of 5 climbers perishes on their attempt to reach the summit.

The world’s 9th highest peak at 8,126 meters, Nanga Parbat in Pakistan is technically challenging, its mortality rate is 22%.

Second-highest mountain, K2 with 8,611 meters height is known for avalanches, nearly 29% climbers die summiting the mountain.

Annapurna in Central Nepal at 8,091 meters height is a deadliest mountain with an extreme steep climb has 33% fatality rate.

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