January 13, 2023

Top 10 Bone Strengthening Foods For Kids

Afeefa afi

Milk is a rich source of calcium & protein that helps to strengthen bones and joints in children.

Phosphorus in almonds plays important role in developing stronger bones and teeth in children.

Walnuts are packed with minerals such as manganese, potassium, calcium & zinc. These minerals are required for bone health.

Cheese helps to improve bone density. But only required in adequate amounts.

Avocados contain a high amount of vitamin A which promotes healthy cell growth in children.

Vitamins A, D, and E in egg yolk help in calcium absorption. It also maintains bone health.

Kale is a rich source of vitamin K, calcium which plays a crucial role in bone development.

Mushrooms contain vitamins like vitamins K, B, C, and D. These vitamins are essential for bone health.

Sardine contains high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Both these are essential for healthy bones.

Soybean contains zinc, selenium, copper, manganese & calcium. Which helps to maintain stronger and healthy bones.

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Afeefa afi