June 24, 2022

Top 10 Countries With The Biggest Forex Reserves

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Singapore has been consistently growing over last 5 decades, it is now at 10th place with $365 billion of foreign exchange.

South Korea has made commendable economic progress during recent years, it is at 9th spot with $449 billion forex reserves.

Saudi Arabia is largest oil-exporting country, it is at 8th position with immense forex reserves of about $462 billion.

Hong Kong is one of the most developed financial and trading centre, its current foreign reserves stands at $504 billion.

Taiwan reserves are slowly increasing after trade agreements with China, it is at 6th place with $548 billion forex exchange.

India is at 5th spot with $602 billion of foreign reserves, most of it is accounted by growth of software export services.

Russia's forex reserves totalled $630 billion, however economic sanctions have rendered most of those reserves inaccessible.

Switzerland is at 3rd place with $1,003 billion forex reserves, it has the estimated highest per capita GDP in the world.

Japan has a very robust economy and booming since 2000, it is at 2nd place with $1,376 billion foreign exchange reserves.

China is export surplus country, it has foreign reserves of $3,726 billion, thus topping the list in highest Forex reserves.

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