Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies That Will Give Goosebumps

The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever. It's about a demon-possessed child that attempts to banish said demon.

Hereditary is a dark family drama about the nature of grief couched within a supernatural psychological horror film.

The Conjuring is inspired by true events chiller based on experience of real-life paranormal investigator Ed and Lorraine.

The Shining is a psychological horror film where family experiences strange things in a hotel, which had violent past.

Texas Chainsaw’s grimy aesthetic helped lend it an air of authenticity, which made the movie more frightening to watch.

The Ring scared the hell out of audience with a ghost of young girl in a white dress and long black hairs covering her face.

Halloween, packs a lot of tension and some inventive thrills in a relatively small-scale package.

Sinister is an American supernatural horror film, depicting grisly murders in a new house that puts the family in a danger.

Insidious is a supernatural thriller about a young boy who falls into a coma and begins to channel a malevolent spirit.

Fear of clowns, is a movie about an artist who purged fears through her own nightmarish creations that she drew in paintings.

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