November 16, 2022

Top 6 Tea Consuming Countries In The World In 2022


Turkey has highest tea consumption in the world, the Turks drink an average of 3.16 kg per capita per year.

Of all the English speaking countries, Ireland is surprisingly drink the most cups of tea everyday, consuming 2.19 kg of tea.

In United Kingdom has annual average consumption of tea is 1.94 kg, Britons swoon over Black Tea aka Builders Tea.

In Iran the average consumption per capita is 1.50kg, most of the Iranians enjoy their cuppas with sugar.

Russia is at 5th spot with 1.38kg of per capita consumption, preferred beverage is loose leaf Black Tea similar to Turkey.

Morocco is 6th with 1.22kg per capita consumption, the most typical type of tea served in Morocco is Chinese gunpowder tea.

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