April 26, 2023

What Is India's Stand On Same-sex Marriages?


Same sex marriage is a union between two individuals of the same gender also referred as gay or lesbian marriage.

In India, the registered marriage or civil unions are still not recognised for same the sex couples.

While two people of the same sex can get married in India, they will not get the legal recognition.

As per Supreme Court of India judgement in August 2022, same sex couples can attain rights and benefits.

In 2019, a petition was filed by two women to recognise their marriage under the special marriage act but court declined it.

In April, the Indian Supreme Court began hearing a series of petitions from 18 LGBTQ+ couples to hear about the case.

In March 2023, three judge bench led by CJI DY Chandrachud referred the case to a five judge constitution bench.

This matter hold significance for India, which is home to 2.5 million LGBTQ+ people, who want to get married.

If Supreme court makes favourable decision India would become 35th country in the world to get legal recognition of LGBTQ.

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