March 28, 2022

Which Are Most Expensive Countries To Buy Petrol?

The Random Guy

Unlike other countries in Middle East, Israel has a high fuel tax added in the price, average litre of gasoline costs $2.25.

Like other countries in Scandinavia, Denmark sells petrol at a premium price, an average gasoline cost is a staggering $2.33.

Zimbabwe relies on fuel imports because it doesn't produces oil, it is 5th most expensive place with petrol priced at $2.35.

The cost of living in Monaco is almost 4 times higher than average, so it's no surprise that gasoline costs around $2.48/l.

Despite being one of Europe's biggest oil producers, Norway taxes petrol instead of subsidising it, current price is $2.49/l.

At $2.58, Netherlands is priciest place in Europe to fill up the fuel tank, petrol price includes carbon & fuel excise tax.

Hong Kong authorities put heavy taxes on petrol to discourage car ownership, currently it tops price list with $2.88/litre.

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