May 4, 2022

Why Harley-Davidson Is Symbol Of American Dream?

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In 1903, Harley-Davidson produced their first motorcycle called Model 1, only 38 units were made, priced at $200 each.

During the World War I, US Military purchased over 15,000 bikes from iconic American brand Harley Davidson Inc.

In 2016, Discovery Channel released a TV show 'The Harley And The Davidsons', based on the story of iconic bike brand.

Starting since 1907, Harley Davidson, Inc. has been providing bikes to the police for law enforcement in US for over 100 yrs.

Covered in 24K gold & 630 diamonds, Bucherer Blue is the most expensive bike from Harley Davidson, priced at $2.4 million.

Harley Davidson Inc. have a museum in Milwaukee, which offers a lot of fun activities and exhibits for bike enthusiasts.

Every 5 years, Harley Davidson, Inc. holds a 'Ride Home' event, 'Harleyfest' for the Harley lovers to visit Milwaukee.

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