June 4, 2023

Why You Should Not Have Coffee Or Tea At Early Morning


Starting your day with tea or coffee may not be good as you may have thought. Caffeine in tea or coffee trigger digestion.

Drinking coffee or tea in morning distrupts your metabolic system due to imbalance of acidic and alkaline matter in stomach.

Tea is diuretic in nature i.e, it removes the water in our body. It dehydrates your body leading to an imbalance in minerals.

When you consume it in morning, the bacteria in mouth breaks the sugar leading to increased acid levels which erodes enamel.

Caffeine give you a strong energy boost but consuming on an empty stomach may have side effects that include nausea,dizziness

Due to the presence of milk in tea or coffee, many people may feel bloated because of high lactose content in milk.

Drinkinf high caffeine can on an empty stomach leads to heartburn .

It may affect the body's development as it can interfere with the absorption of iron and other essential nutrients from food.

The best time to drink tea or coffee is 1 to 2 hours after breakfast.Leave the 'bed-tea' culture to stay healthy from today!

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